The Working Principle of the Traffic Light Control System

As is known to all, the traffic light is an important guarantee for maintaining traffic order and ensuring the traffic is safe and unimpeded. In our daily life, when we pass an intersection or a T-shaped intersection, we may find that the time setting of the traffic lights on the main road and the secondary road will be different. In fact, the time setting of the traffic light on the road is mainly set by the control system. So how dose the traffic light control system work?


The working principle of the traffic light control system:

In the traffic light control system, the main controller, control circuit, counter, timer, decoder, clock signal generator, decoder drive circuit and digital display decoder drive circuit are needed to complete the whole process of controlling the traffic light.


The second pulse generator is the standard clock signal source of timer and controller in the system. The decoder outputs the control signals of two sets of traffic lights, which drive the traffic lights to work after passing through the driving circuit, namely controlling the change of green traffic light, red light signal and yellow traffic light; The controller is the main part of the system, which controls the work of timer and decoder.


And then the signals are passed by the clock signal generator to the main control circuit and counter, and then from counter to the decoder, finally revealed on the display. After the background is told the specific situations, signals are passed back to the main control circuit, and passed on to the traffic lights through the decoder, which are respectively displayed in the traffic lights on the main road and the secondary road.


However, according to different regional environments, the installation specifications and control system operating principles of the traffic light are also different. In particular, in the traffic light control system, the time and passage settings of traffic lights at different intersections in different regional environments are also different.

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