Indian Police Turn Traffic Lights into Voice-Activated Lights to Keep Drivers Silent

Due to the large number of cars and disorganized traffic management, many streets in India are filled with the noise of horns, one after another. In order to control this noisy horn sound, some local governments in India have also begun to take measures to reform. Among them, the Mumbai police are the most ruthless! How cruel is it? They even designed a set of traffic lights that overthrow the three views.


The louder the driver’s horn on the road, the longer red light will be. I believe you are like me. At first sight, this operation is full of question marks. Traffic signal lights become voice-activated lights, this kind of creativity is really extraordinary but this is also the helpless move of the local police


Indian police turn traffic lights into voice-activated lights to keep drivers silent


I believe that many people who come to Mumbai for the first time have such an experience – walking around the street and deafness for two or three days.

Because here noise pollution is high level, almost all drivers are honking their horns desperately, and there is no horn protocol at all.


And no matter how hard you press it, the locals around you don’t seem to be angry at such a wonder of the world.


Indian police turn traffic lights into voice-activated lights to keep drivers silent


As for the reason for honking the horn wildly, in addition to part of the expression of emotions, many drivers in India still hang on to an ancient idea honking the horn when waiting for a red light can make the traffic light turn green as soon as possible.


That’s why the Mumbai police plan to do the opposite, letting drivers know that honking the horn won’t make the traffic lights turn green faster, but will make the red lights last longer and longer.


The specific measure is to install decibel detectors on the roadside. As long as the car’s horn exceeds 85 decibels, the red light will be reset and automatically extended for 90 seconds. As a result, drivers have to wait longer to pass. Simple and rude, causing extreme comfort!


Indian police turn traffic lights into voice-activated lights to keep drivers silent



Mumbai police also produced a video to promote the traffic light system. The video began to show this Mumbai street full of horns, and the subtitles also read “Welcome to the world horn capital, where even people at red lights honk their horns correctly, maybe they think honking the horn will make the red light turn green faster.”


Although the whole process was full of self-deprecation, this was a call to the public to get rid of the bad habit of honking their horns. When the video was posted on Twitter, it immediately caused chaos. Many Indian netizens have praised operation of the Mumbai police, and many even suggested that it be extended to the whole of India. Because in addition to Mumbai, other cities in India also have this phenomenon of honking the horn indiscriminately. Tourists who come to travel are really suffering from fears.


It is appreciated that this traffic signal system has been tested in previous years.


Although many drivers were still confused about the situation at first, but after seeing the warning on the LED light sign, they all stopped honking their hands.


During interviewed Mumbai police spokesman Pranaya Ashok also said impressively- “That’s exactly what we want to crack down the public, honking the horn or making a noise doesn’t make a red light turn green faster, does a red light have its own speed?”


Although this measure can indeed teach those who honk the horn randomly, what did those honest drivers who silently wait for the red light do wrong to be compromise?



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