How To Design the Layout of Courtyard Garden Lighting?

We all know that courtyard gardens are beautiful during the day, but, after all, there are evenings. Therefore, our courtyard gardens also need to be as beautiful as the day. Therefore, it is related to the lighting. 


Then, how should our yard lighting systems be designed and laid out?


Attentions to the use of yard lighting systems:

1. The courtyard leisure area is dominated by wall lamps, and the plant landscape is dominated by spotlights, showing the characteristics of different spaces at night.


2. The space under the flower shelf is the main leisure space in the courtyard, and the lighting should be brighter.


3. The courtyard wall lamp design should be simple and artistic, and the lamps are also decorations of the wall lines during the day.


4. Design the lighting under the flower stand and beside the garden road, and pay attention to the traffic function of the courtyard at night.


5. It is not recommended to design spotlights around the grass, flowers and plants in the courtyard, as excessively long and strong light will affect the normal growth of plants.


6. The wall lamp at the scenery wall is not only the lighting lamp of the garden road but also the decoration lamp of the scenery wall.


7. Spotlights on the side of the pool illuminate the courtyard waterscape at night, and the plants in the flower pond use spotlights on the ground to show the night posture.


8. Lamps buried in the bottom of the reservoir make the night waterscape full of dreamy colors.


9. The number of lamps designed in the flower border should be reduced, so that the focus of viewing at night is on the waterscape.


A reasonable and artistic yard lighting system layout can not only illuminate the garden at night, but also bring a warm and romantic atmosphere, which is more appealing and home-like than a courtyard during the day.

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