Los postes viales inteligentes nos traerán una vida de tráfico inteligente

With the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents and the increasing number of traffic deaths each year, seguridad vial has gradually become the focus of people’s attention. All of these remind us that we cannot ignore the intelligentization of road, and we must change the status quo of single service, single function and inflexibility of road infrastructure. Therefore, intelligent road studs made by Sinowatcher emerge at the right moment.


What are the characteristics of intelligent clavos de carretera?


The first is mass coverage. According to the distance between elevation lines, road studs are set every ten meters on highways and every ten or nine meters on ordinary roads, which are laid on a large scale.


Secondly, by virtue of various detection units inside the stud, including the detection of integrated traffic flow, photosensitive detection, vibration detection and temperature detection, we can timely grasp and understand roads’ running state and information.


In addition, we make use of the combination form of wireless low-power LAN, which can not only serve the vehicles on the road but also provide remote monitoring data for the management department, so as to realize the application of the Internet of things.


Intelligent road studs can provide a better service for smart transportation and even smart cities.


Intelligent road studs boast both the warning function of the ordinary spike and hint function of rays. What’s more, it adopts the self-powered solar energy as power supply. Due to the compact coating design of intelligent road studs, it has a high level of dust and water protection ability, and an excellent load-bearing performance.


If you are interested in our intelligent road studs, welcome to buy.

Los postes viales inteligentes nos traerán una vida de tráfico inteligente

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