Semáforos de leds de alto flujo

The current traffic lights are composed of red, yellow and green LEDs which are designed and combined in a row. In the existing technology, the light source of traffic lights is mainly composed of bulbs or low-power LEDs(light-emitting diodes) dot matrix arrangement. But the light source composed of the bulb is not high in luminous efficiency, high in power consumption and short in life. With the increase of the working time, LED color gradually becomes lighter or darker, and the ordinary low-power LEDs light source adopts series-parallel connection, which is inconvenient to install and uneven to distribute current, resulting in inconsistent light emission of each LED, poor heat dissipation, serious light decay and aging of epoxy package, also easy to cause uneven light color.


In view of this phenomenon, in order to make up for the shortcomings mentioned above, Sinowatcher studies and produces high flux traffic lights of fast heat dissipation, low temperature, long lifespan. Product pictures are as follows:


High Flux Traffic Lights


Features of Sinowatcher high flux traffic light:


Regarding LED material, Sinowatcher use SMD LEDs(light-emitting diodes) of imported NICHIA photosynthetic efficiency, which unformly distribute within every aspect. Through twice effect of geometrical optics lens, the visible light emitted from light source evenly distributes on the lens, which will avoid direct light and reduce the interference of the temporary blind spot caused by it to the drivers.


Regarding PCB material, Sinowatcher uses thermal conductivity of 2.0 superconduction aluminum substrate, which can effectively conduct LED luminous heat to the heat dissipation area in time, effectively control working temperature and greatly prolong working life of LED.


Regarding housing material, Sinowatcher use highly durable polycarbonate housing, UV-light resistant. And the lead content of the housing is less than 0.2%, without any pollution to the environment, in line with the national concept of environmental protection and energy conservation. 


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