Design, R&D And Advantages of Solar Led Traffic Signals

Ⅰ. The design of solar traffic signals

Solar LED traffic signal, also known as solar traffic signal, has relatively high scientific and technological content So what is the basis for manufacturers to design solar traffic signals?


First, the design of solar LED traffic signals should choose the power of light base according to the road width and spacing, and then design the solar cell module and storage battery according to the power of light base.


The size of the battery is designed according to the power of the light holder and the rainy days. The light board is designed according to the sunshine coefficient where the solar LED traffic signal is located. Now, LED traffic signals cooperating with rural areas are more popular.


Ⅱ. Advantages of solar traffic signals

Solar traffic signals play a “star” role in the establishment of new countryside. Their advantages are as follows.


1. Energy saving, environmental protection and green lighting

2. Investment funds are easy to handle

3. Less investment

4. The construction is simple, so there is no need to dig ditches. The construction period is short

5. There is no electricity fee income, because it absorbs solar energy to generate light, so there is no electricity fee income

6. Maintenance is simple. In some case, it is almost maintenance-free, because the service life of LED light source exceeds 10 years

7. Compared with traditional traffic lights, it can attract more attention and form a beautiful scenery line

8. It can deepen the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

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