Avantages des goujons pour passages piétons

Road studs are very useful road safety products on the road and have powerful advantages. Solar road stud is a road stud powered by solar energy. It is a new era alternative to traditional reflective road studs (commonly known as CAT EYES). Solar road studs can provide drivers with clear road edge markings and directions at night and under severe weather conditions (such as fog, rain, etc.). Therefore, it can reduce the accident rate by more than 70%, thereby reducing the impact on the environment and saving costs.


Ⅰ. Knowledge about crosswalk nails


Solar road studs can be used as permanent or temporary lighting equipment in danger. Solar road studs, contour lines and beacons were developed to improve road safety, but can also be used in many other applications, such as agricultural applications and off-grid garden decorative lighting.


In order to improve the safety factor of zebra crossings and reduce the potential dangers that pedestrians face on zebra crossings, and vigorously advocate the concept of “giving way to cars and driving in a civilized way”, many cities have introduced pedestrian crossing road studs.


Ⅱ. The benefits of smart crosswalk nails


The intelligent pedestrian crossing road stud facility consists of pedestrian detectors, intelligent controllers, pedestrian crossing warning lights and flashing solar road studs. The following are the benefits of smart crosswalk nail facilities.


1. Intelligent pedestrian crossing road studs can automatically sense people on zebra crossings and warn vehicles to give way to pedestrians.


2. Intelligent pedestrian crossing road studs can automatically sense approaching vehicles and prompt pedestrians to move forward quickly.


3. The intelligent crosswalk nail can automatically sense the vehicles occupying the sidewalk and prompt the driver to leave.


4. The intelligent crosswalk nail can automatically control the lighting time and flashing frequency, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


5. Intelligent crosswalk nails can automatically monitor the flow of people at various intersections and time periods, providing a basis for traffic police to deploy police forces reasonably and deal with traffic congestion.


The solar road studs on the zebra crossing provide good visibility whether it is foggy or at night. Drivers can learn about pedestrian traffic conditions in advance within a safe distance of tens of meters, and take avoidance measures. Intelligent pedestrian crossing road nail facilities can effectively improve the efficiency of pedestrians and vehicles crossing the zebra crossing, and effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. At the same time, the solar road studs in the intelligent pedestrian crossing road stud facilities can also bring new highlights to the urban appearance and civilized construction, forming a beautiful life protection line and scenic line.

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