Señales de tráfico de leds

LED countdown timers are useful accessory to enhance safety and diminish undesirable behaviour of drivers

and other road users. They indicate the time remaining until red or green phase and thus positively

contribute to better orientation and less risky behaviour of all road users at junctions.


For instance, countdown timers at red lights warning drivers how much time is left before

the light changes can help to ease traffic flow. It was found that the presence of the countdown timers

at the intersection would help to reduce the start-up lost time at the beginning of the green phase by 22%

and reduce the number of red-light violations during the beginning of the red phase by 50%.


Furthermore, more than half of the local drivers reported that the timers help to relieve the frustration caused

by stopping for uncertain amounts of time during the red phase.

The research has shown that after a period of 30 to 45 seconds of waiting, pedestrians become more risky,

impatient and were more likely to cross whenever they could regardless of the pedestrian signal displays.

This risky behavior might be eliminated by presence of countdown timers as pedestrians are aware of

how much time is left.


What countdown timers do we provide?


Variations according to maximum countdown time

  • 9, 99, 199, or999 seconds


Colour Combinations of Digits

  • Red only,

  • Green and Red only,

  • Red-Yellow-Green


For different kind of applications

  • large junctions (mounted on lamp post over the junction)

  • small sized junctions (beside the road or over junction on lamp post)

  • pedestrian crossings (mounted on lamp post beside crossing)


Material de la carcasa

  • Polycarbonate, Cold-rolled iron, or Aluminium


There are videos available here to show 3 different variations of countdown timers.

First one for large junctions (1), second one for small-sized junction (2) and lastly for pedestrian crossing (3).


LED Traffic Countdown Signals    LED Traffic Countdown Signals   LED Traffic Countdown Signals


Other countdown timers available:

* 600x400mm – 199 seconds displayed – digits in 3 colors

* 800x600mm – 99 seconds displayed- digits in 3 colors

* 400mm – 99 seconds displayed – digits in 3 colors


Full range of LED countdown timers here.


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