Preparación de la producción del tótem de advertencia de paso de peatones (tótem de tráfico personalizado)

Traffic Totem Description:
3.7m LED Totem Traffic Light – Sturdy traffic light column equipped with several traffic safety function.
•  Image/Video Analyse and Pedestrian Violation Capture
•  Acousto-optic Alarming for Pedestrian Jaywalk
•  LCD display for Advertisement
•  Customized LED Matrix Countdown timer

Pedestrian Crossing Warning Totem Traffic Light

Preparation before Production:
Before arranging this customized product to enter assembly production line, our professional technicians and production line supervisor will train the workshop staffs, such as the main electrical parts and function, each parts assemble direction, sequence and details, distinction of voltage/positive and negative, wiring details, each testing step   etc. Only have fully and detailed pre-production training and post-production with fully inspection, the signal devices will be guaranteed!

Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd. always committed to providing high-quality ITS products and solutions, reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian crossing safety.

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