Un paso de cebra inteligente español realiza la conversión semafórica en función del flujo de peatones


[Sinowatcher Technology] According to ABC Spanish Daily report on June 2, Spanish city Valladolid first put intelligent zebra crossing into use. This technology can monitor the number of pedestrian instantaneity to realize intelligent conversion of traffic signals, providing convenience for pedestrians who are waiting to cross the street. It is revealed by the mayor of Valladolid, this technology is the world advanced.

Intelligent zebra crossing can be achieved by automatic regulatory system of lights and four heat-sensing cameras which can monitor the flow of pedestrian together. When the camera monitored that at least 17 pedestrians are waiting to cross the street in intersection, the traffic signal will automatically turns green, which is convenient for pedestrian.

According to mayor of Valladolid, this technology has been in trial operation in two main streets for about one and a half months in the city, making pedestrians spend less time (21%) crossing the street. In addition, this technology will also help the transport sector to get information about road traffic. For example, the pedestrian flow on Saturday is maximum in a week, and 2,000 people will go by averagely from this crossroads.

Valladolid mayor expressed that they are planning to apply intelligent zebra crossing into other streets of this city.

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