Tendance de développement des feux de signalisation à diodes électroluminescentes

With the commercialization of high-brightness LEDs in red, yellow, and green colors, LEDs have gradually replaced traditional incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps as traffic lights. Since the light of the LED is relatively concentrated in a small solid angle range, no reflector is needed, and the light does not need to be filtered by a color lens. Just use a convex lens or a Fresnel lens to generate a parallel beam, and then use a pincushion lens to make the beam spread and deflect from one end to the other to achieve the required light dispersion. Structurally, it is much simpler. LED displays a single light color and can provide red, yellow and green lights for easy identification. In addition, it also has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, long life, fast start-up, low power, no flicker, and less visual fatigue. It is environmentally friendly and can be repaired for many years, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.


As a kind of city traffic lights, Feux de signalisation à LED have obvious advantages.


1. Good visibility: 


It can still maintain good visibility and performance indicators under severe weather conditions such as continuous lighting, rainfall, sand and dust. The light emitted by the LED is monochromatic, so the red, yellow, and green signal colors do not need to be produced by the color plate; the light emitted by the LED is directional and has a certain divergence angle. It can abandon the aspheric mirror used in traditional signal lights. This feature of LED solves the problem of illusion (commonly known as false display) and color change in traditional signal lights, and improves light efficiency.


2. Energy saving: 


The advantages of LED light sources in energy saving are very significant. One of its notable features is low energy consumption, which is of great significance to the use of lamps.


3. Low heat energy:


LED is the direct conversion of electrical energy into a light source, the heat generated is very low, and almost no heat is released. The cooling appearance of the LED traffic signal lamp can avoid the burns of maintenance personnel and can obtain a longer service life.


4. Long lifespan: 


The working environment of the lamp is relatively harsh, with a lot of heat, cold, sunshine and rain, which requires high reliability of the lamp. The average lifespan of ordinary signal lamps and incandescent lamps is 1,000 hours, and that of low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps is 2,000 hours. Therefore, maintenance costs are high. There is no damage caused by the vibration of the filament of the LED traffic light, and there is no problem of broken glass cover.


5. Quick response: 


The response of traffic lights such as halogen tungsten lamps is worse than that of LED traffic lights, thereby reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. 


Due to the important role of traffic lights in urban traffic, many traffic lights need to be updated every year, which brings about a larger market and will have a positive impact on the entire LED industry.

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