Sinowatcher Smart Pedestrian Crossing Bollard System Case en Amérique du Sud

Sinowatcher Smart Pedestrian Crossing Bollards has been installed to work in Bolivia, South America. It integrates information display, infrared detection, infrared detection, pedestrian red light crossing violation,Acoustic signal warning etc. This system is composed of a master and a slave Ballard  to work together as pairs.


Aiming at some intersection with dense crowds and heavy traffic, in order to reduce road congestion caused by pedestrian crossing and enhance citizens’ awareness of civilized travel, Sinowatcher’s South American partners showed the local government the whole solution of intelligent pedestrian crossing Ballard system, which was approved.


At both ends of zebra crossings at some intersections, pairs of Smart pedestrian crossing Bollards were installed, which were associated with traffic signals and operated 24 hours a day, reminding pedestrians not to cross while it’s red lights, and reminding passing vehicles to be polite to pedestrians, so as to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the street.






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