Sinowatcher, Moving into Eco-Friendly Solutions for Traffic Safety

Following the green policies of our clients in Africa and South America, we are introducing portable and Wireless traffic solutions. Our new systems will be solar powered to reduce the energy costs and reach the carbon neutral levels.


Sinowatcher’s latest traffic devices are 100 % compatible with solar, wind or other renewable energy systems, leverage wireless technologies to interconnect traffic lights and drastically reduce installation and material costs. 


All equipment can be placed and configured in less than 48 hours, allowing for early commissioning giving the opportunity to install in remote areas. Our controllers include anti- interference functions, power loss and communication failure functions to ensure the traffic safety. 


Sinowatcher, moving into eco-friendly solutions for traffic safety.


These benefits are linked to our high-quality control and constant technological innovation in hardware and software, which ensures the confidence of customers in our products. 


We invite you to get to know our wireless eco line of equipment! 

Sinowatcher, moving into eco-friendly solutions for traffic safety.



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