Basic Traffic Rules Under the Guidance of Led Traffic Lights

Ⅰ. About LED traffic signals


LED traffic lights are currently used to strengthen urban traffic management, ease traffic conditions, maintain traffic safety, and reduce traffic accidents. 


However, as the city develops, there are usually multiple traffic lights at an intersection. Signal lights in different directions, plus motor vehicle signal lights, non-motor vehicle signal lights, sidewalk signal lights, as well as main signal lights and auxiliary signal lights, and so on. The smart traffic light control system is becoming more and more advanced. If you don’t know the basic rules of the LED traffic lights, it is easy to follow the wrong direction. This not only violates traffic rules, but also interferes with the normal traffic flow and even causes traffic accidents.


Ⅱ. Basic rules for LED traffic signals


1. LED traffic signal lights are divided into motor vehicle signal lights and non-motor vehicle signal lights: when the green light is on: vehicles are allowed to pass, but turning vehicles are not allowed to hinder the passage of straight vehicles and released pedestrians; when the yellow light is on: no vehicles are allowed to pass. However, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to pass, while vehicles that have not crossed the line need to slow down and change their lights. When the red light is on: all vehicles are prohibited. However, vehicles making a right turn are allowed to pass if they do not hinder the passage of vehicles or pedestrians being released. Note: At intersections where non-motor vehicle signal lights and crosswalk signal lights are not set, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians should pass according to the motor vehicle signal lights.


2. Pedestrian crossing signal lights with LED traffic lights: when the green light is on: pedestrians are allowed to pass through the crosswalk. When the yellow light is flashing, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk, but those who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass; when the red light is on: no pedestrians are allowed to enter the crosswalk; but pedestrians who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass or be on the road Stay and wait at the center line.


3. Lane signal lights of LED traffic lights: When the green arrow light is on: This is to allow vehicles in the lane to pass in the direction indicated. When the red cross-shaped light or arrow light is on: This is to prohibit vehicles in the lane from passing. The arrow directions of the direction indicator lights are generally divided into left, up, and right: turn left, go straight, and turn right respectively. The flashing warning signal light is a yellow light that continues to flash: it reminds vehicles and pedestrians that they need to pay attention when passing through, and pass after confirming safety.

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