Traffic Light Project in Burma (Myanmar)

Dear customers, Sinowatcher products and service have spread to over 30 countries worldwide and earned a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets, especially in South America and Southeast Asia, where we have offered great support in ITS projects as reliable feux de circulation and controller provider. Here we would like to introduce a traffic light project in Burma.

We cooperated with the customer from Burma for LED traffic light projects, and have installed our LED traffic lights in several intersections successfully, please find below the project picture for your reference. In the future will have more LED traffic lights installed in 40 intersections in Burma.

These LED traffic lights including 400mm RYG Arrow LED traffic lights, 800×600 two digits tri-color countdown timer, 300mm RYG full ball LED traffic lights, 400×400 two digits tri-color countdown timer, and 300mm solar yellow flashing LED traffic lights.

We are looking forward to smooth, prosperous cooperation with our customers there and appreciate their sincere support and trust. Welcome to contact with us if you need any information or help on ITS projects, we will try our best to design customized products according to your market needs.








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