Common Sense of Traffic Safety

Traffic safety means that when people are active and playing on the road, they must drive and walk safely in accordance with traffic regulations to avoid personal injury or property damage. Education can improve people’s consciousness, consciousness can change people’s behavior, and behavior determines the consequences. Traffic safety education is the fundamental way to solve traffic accidents. Only with good traffic safety knowledge and self-defense awareness can traffic safety be ensured.



1. Common sense of walking safety: when the green light is on, pedestrians are allowed to pass; when the yellow light is on, pedestrians are not allowed to pass, but pedestrians who have entered the sidewalk can continue to pass; when the red light is on, pedestrians are not allowed to walk or go out on foot Always pay attention to walking on the sidewalk, and walk by the side of the road where there is no sidewalk. When crossing the road, you must walk over the street overpass or underpass. If there are no overpasses or underpasses, you should look at both sides carefully and walk carefully.



2. Instructions for riding: It is not allowed to greet vehicles in the middle of the road, and motor vehicles are not allowed to stick out any part of their body out of the window while driving. Do get off first and then get on, wait in line, and get on the bus in order; after getting off the bus, wait for the vehicle to drive away before walking. If you want to cross the road, you must ensure that you cross the road in a safe manner; do not take overloaded vehicles, do not take no-nonsense vehicles. Vehicles with passenger permit and sports permit.


3. Traffic markings: On the road, lines of various colors drawn with paint are “traffic markings”. The long yellow or white straight line in the middle of the road is called the “lane centerline”. It is used to separate passing vehicles so that they do not interfere with each other. The white lines on both sides of the center line are called “lane dividing lines”, in which the dotted line indicates that it can be crossed, and the solid line is vice versa. It stipulates that motor vehicles drive on motor vehicle lanes.



4. Non-motor vehicles run on non-motor vehicle lanes: There is a white line around the intersection that is the “stop line”. When the red light is on, all kinds of vehicles should stop within this line. The promenade formed by white equal lines like zebra patterns on the road is the “crosswalk line”. It is safer for pedestrians to cross the road here.



5. Isolation facilities: Traffic isolation facilities mainly include pedestrian guardrails and isolation piers or green isolation belts. Pedestrian barriers are used to protect pedestrians, prevent pedestrians from crossing the road into the roadway and prevent vehicles from entering the sidewalk. The isolation pier or green isolation belt is set on the roadway to separate motor vehicles from non-motor vehicles or passing vehicles. I hope that everyone will not cross the guardrail, isolation pier or green isolation belt, and walk into the roadway, otherwise there is a danger of being stopped by vehicles.



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