The Installation and Program Setting of Integrated Traffic Lights

Integrated traffic lights are automatic traffic signals. The quality of the foundation is related to the normal use of the equipment in the later application process. Therefore, in the process of preparing the equipment in the early stage, the following work should be done well:


1. How to pour the base of integrated traffic lights:

Determine the position of installing the lights: investigate the geological conditions first. Assuming that there is 1.2m soft soil on the earth’s surface, then the excavation depth should be deepened; in addition, it is necessary to determined that there is no other equipment (such as cables, pipes, etc.) under the excavation direction, and there is no long-time shading object on the top of the integrated traffic lights, otherwise, the orientation should be properly adjusted.


Reserve (excavate) a 1.3m pit that is in accordance with the standard at the position of automatic traffic signals, and carry out the positioning pouring of the embedded part. The embedded part should be placed in the middle of the square pit, one end of the PVC conduit should be placed in the middle of the embedded part, and the other end should be placed in the storage place of the battery. Keep that the embedded part, foundation and situ are on the same level (or the top of the screw and the situ are on the same level, which depends on the needs of the site), and one side should be parallel to the road; in this way, the lamp post can stand upright without deflection after the installation. Then use C20 concrete for pouring and fixing. During the pouring process, the trembling rod shall not be stopped to ensure the compactness and firmness of the whole foundation.


At the end of the construction, the residual sludge on the positioning plate should be treated in time, and the impurities on the bolts should be cleaned with waste oil. In the process of concrete condensation, water and maintain it regularly; stop the chandelier equipment when the concrete completely condenses(more than 72 hours in general).


In order to construct the foundation of integrated traffic lights, the maintenance work in later period is very important in addition to the normal pouring operation. On-time watering maintenance can ensure the quality of the construction.


The setting of integrated traffic lights is essential to effectively guide the traffic. This kind of automatic traffic signal control is an indispensable method in the static management of modern traffic, and it plays an important role in adjusting, standardizing and guiding urban and rural traffic.


What should be paid attention to when setting up the integrated traffic lights?

1) Two or more signals in green, yellow, red, flashing yellow and flashing red cannot be represented simultaneously on the same streamline.

2) Full screen traffic lights (red, yellow and green) rather than arrow traffic lights should be selected for integrated traffic lights that indicate going straight ahead.

3) When showing the right of way with the green arrow signal, it should be ensured that there is no intersection with other traffic flow.

4) the simultaneous green signal is not allowed for two intersecting traffic flows.

5) There should be no full-screen green and full-screen red traffic lights at the same time in the same direction.

6) Generally, a flashing green signal should be added when the light changes from green to red.

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