Comment entretenir les feux de signalisation solaires ?

Solar traffic lights are powered by solar energy, the cost of operation is almost zero, and so it is now gradually recognized. Don’t avoid its inspection and maintenance after installation:


1.Do the traffic signal components meet up specification? If not then, it is likely to cause a short circuit in the internal circuit, or even more serious things, so be sure to check whether the specifications of all parts are qualified. And also pay attention to whether the position of his light pole is more appropriate.


2. Are the angle and inclination of the battery components of the solar traffic signal installed correctly? It must be known that there cannot be too many obvious obstructions between these two parts, and its light pole must be at a vertical angle to the ground, so as not to cause the solar traffic light to lean easily. Moreover, the settings in the controller must also meet the requirements, otherwise, it is easy to lose control, and there will be abnormal phenomena such as the lights not flashing or the lights are bright and dark.


3. The light pole is a very important part in the entire signal light, so it must be installed very stably, because in this way the brightness of its lights will be more balanced, and their surfaces may not be damaged.


4. Since solar traffic lights are relatively cost-effective items, they are likely to be stolen or maliciously damaged by others, so anti-theft work must also be done well, so as to extend its service life.


Solar traffic lights do not require the cost of power grid electricity and connection such as wiring and digging, the overall installation cost is reduced, and the maintenance cost is also significantly reduced, which is very beneficial for improving the capital utilization rate of the new traffic order. It is the inherent advantages of solar traffic lights that will surely become the new favorite of the lighting industry.



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