Why Is There No Uniform Price Quotation for Solar Street Lights?

In the whole process of purchasing LED solar street lights, many purchasers have such doubts, why can't find a unified price quotation for solar street lights on website. In fact, for the purchase of led solar street lights, the system configuration of each solar street light manufacturer is different. Therefore, solar street light manufacturers are unlikely to make a unified price quotation for solar street lights for customers.

1. The solar street light price is different due to the equipment

During the whole installation process of LED solar street lights, they will suffer from the hazards of the climate and environmental elements of the installation place. Therefore, the configuration of solar LED street lights in different regions is different.


LED solar street light system configuration varies from high to low. So it is difficult for solar street light manufacturers to carry out a unified quotation. Therefore, the general solar street light manufacturers will give VIP members an approximate system software quotation, and the overall solar street light price quotation can be accurately made after the customer clarifies the actual equipment.

2. The solar street light price is different due to production technology

For different solar street light manufacturers, due to differences in production technology, each solar street light manufacturer's solar street light quotation for the street light system software will be different.


Although they are not the same, there is not much difference between solar street lamp manufacturers in the price of street lamp production, the difference in production technology will lead to differences in the quality of street lamps. Therefore, when purchasing LED solar street lights, it is best to visit the solar street light manufacturer to ensure the product quality of solar street lights.

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