Where are Pedestrian Crossing Buttons Installed?

What is pedestrian crossing button?

First, let's have a look at what a pedestrian crossing button is. When there is no pedestrian request to cross the street, the motor vehicle signal light is always green and the pedestrian signal light is always red. Pedestrian crossing button is used when pedestrians have a need to cross the street. After pressing the request button, the request signal will be transmitted to the signal control unit, and then the signal control unit will respond within the set time. The pedestrian signal light changes from red light to green light, and the driving light turns from green light to a red light, thus ensuring the safety of pedestrians.

Where are the pedestrian crossing buttons installed?

When setting pedestrian crossing buttons, the smooth movement of motor vehicles and the safety of pedestrians are the factors that should be considered first by the traffic police department. Setting the signal light can not cause too much pressure on road traffic.

1. Set up on road sections that have little impact on motor vehicles.

2. Set at the school gate, ensure the safety of students crossing the street.

3. Set at areas with long traffic lines, single direction, and few pedestrians.


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