What Are the Design Requirements of Led Traffic Lights?

Ⅰ. LED traffic lights can help us effectively clear traffic

Today, more and more people have become car owners. The emergence of this phenomenon has LED to faster urbanization, and the flow of people and vehicles is also increasing. In order to ensure the safety, order and dredging of the road, we need to install LED traffic lights at busy intersections to direct traffic. The use of LED traffic lights can effectively reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic efficiency, and improve traffic conditions. However, a qualified LED traffic signal light product also needs to comply with certain design requirements.

Ⅱ. What are the design requirements of LED traffic lights?

1. Specification:

The design of LED traffic lights must conform to the norms stipulated by national laws.

2. Light source:

The light source of the LED traffic signal light adopts the international leading chip four-element ultra-high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED), which has the characteristics of strong brightness, long life, good energy-saving effect, and easy identification.

3. Light transmission design:

The outer surface of the transparent lens of the LED traffic signal light adopts an inclined surface design, which is not easy to accumulate dust and can be used in various environments.

4. Appearance design:

The appearance of the LED traffic signals is specially designed for the LED light source, the structure is ultra-thin and humanized, the appearance is beautiful, the craftsmanship is precise, and it is convenient for a variety of combination devices.

5. Shell material:

The shell of the LED traffic signal light is made of die-cast aluminum or polycarbonate (PC) material and silicone rubber seals, which are dustproof, waterproof, flame-retardant, anti-aging, and have a long service life.

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