Smart Pedestrian Crossing Warning Totem


According to the Report on Global Road Safety Status in recent years, 200,000 people die from road traffic accidents every year in China, and one sixth are pedestrians in traffic roads. Considering jaywalking violations at intersections and technical deficiencies of the existing traditional signal control system, Sinowatcher developed this "Smart Pedestrian Crossing Warning Totem" product to help regulate traffic order and improve pedestrian crossing safety.


It’s an early warning device based on the integration technology of acousto-optic alarming, violation capture, image analysis, pedestrian flow detection and traffic signal synchronization, so as to realize the varying degrees of early warning to pedestrians and non-motor vehicle drivers, and to reduce traffic accidents rate effectively by guiding people to form civilized travel habits gradually. 

Features and Advantages

  • Meet the traffic safety product requirements in national standard GB14887-2011 issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

  • 9 mega pixel camera for pedestrian red light violation capture, support face comparison/recongnition.

  • Acoustic warning reminds pedestrians to abide by traffic rules and travel in a civilized way.

  • LCD high-definition display for showing zebra crossing real-time monitoring video and capture pictures of red light violation.

  • Dynamic counting by LED display, visually and conspicuously prompt the remaining time of traffic light.

Preparation of Production for Pedestrian Crossing Warning Totem Traffic Light (Customized Traffic Totem)
Preparation of Production for Pedestrian Crossing Warning Totem Traffic Light (Customized Traffic Totem)


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