The Technical Development Direction of Solar Road Studs

1. Introduction of solar road studs

Solar road studs are used at night or in rainy and foggy weather to indicate the direction of the road. According to different installation positions, solar road studs can be divided into two types: buried type and raised type. Because the solar road studs installed on the center line of the road require particularly high pressure resistance, the former is generally used in the center line of the road, and the latter is mostly used in the edge line of the road. According to different energy storage components, solar road studs can be divided into two types: capacitive type and battery type. The service life of the former can reach five to seven years, and the service life of the latter generally ranges from one to three years.

2. Technical development direction of solar road studs 

With the advancement of science and technology, the production technology of solar road studs is also constantly developing. Compared with the early solar products, solar road studs have made great breakthroughs in lighting mode, product form, function and performance, such as active solar road studs and wireless synchronous flashing solar road studs.

Now the solar road stud changes the blinking mode to always on. Due to the belief that "flickering lights are more eye-catching", most of the early solar road studs produced in the industry are flickering. Later, relevant scientific and technical personnel discovered that the flashing light would make the driver feel restless, uncomfortable, and uncomfortable. Therefore, the solar road studs produced by various manufacturers are basically always-on road studs. This kind of road stud is installed on the expressway. In the dark night, it is like a night pearl inlaid on both sides of the road. It can not only guide the driver's sight, but also give people an infinite beauty. As long as we continue to learn, conscientiously summarize, and continuously develop new products, we have reason to believe that solar road studs will definitely play an increasingly important role in reducing road safety accidents and become the patron saint of drivers and friends in safe driving.

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