The Role of Geomagnetic Sensors in the Realization of Parking Guidance and Billing Functions

Geomagnetic sensors can be used to detect the presence of vehicles and vehicle type recognition. The data acquisition system plays a very important role in the traffic monitoring system. The geomagnetic sensor is a key part of the data acquisition system. The performance of the sensor plays a decisive role in the accuracy of the data acquisition system.

Geomagnetic sensors can be used to detect the existence and model of a vehicle. It uses the influence of the earth's magnetic field when vehicles pass the road to work. And this kind of sensor is very compact and convenient, the sensitivity is also first-class, the construction amount is very small, but its service life is very long, and the damage to the road surface is also very small.

1. The working principle of geomagnetic sensor in parking service

The geomagnetic sensor is the front-end sensing device of the ground guidance system, which can accurately lock the stay and departure time of the vehicle. And transfer these data to the back-end of the management system to easily obtain information about the number of vacant parking spaces, thereby inducing car owners to stop. This kind of sensor also belongs to vehicle detectors. In addition, as a new type of electronic timing toll collection device, the geomagnetic sensor is buried under the parking space, and its working principle is not complicated.

Simply put, when a vehicle enters a parking space, cutting the magnetic line of induction will cause a change in the magnetic field, and the geomagnetic sensor will then determine that the vehicle enters the parking space. At the same time, start timing and prompt nearby toll service personnel to perform services. When the vehicle leaves the berth, prompt the toll service staff to handle the departure process immediately. In this way, citizens don't have to worry about parking too much time. In the meantime, the sensor will automatically scan continuously to check whether the vehicle is still parked. In addition, the geomagnetic sensor can also realize the parking guidance function. Through the comprehensive statistical analysis of the back-end system, the information on the nearby free parking spaces can be provided to the citizens on the display screen, which can better guide the citizens to choose the parking place reasonably.

2. The difference between geomagnetic sensor and gyroscope

A gyroscope is an instrument that uses the fixed axis and precession of the top to measure attitude (using the fixed axis) and north finding (using the precession). High precision in a short time, and accumulated errors when working for a long time. The geomagnetic field sensor can measure the earth's magnetic field. Without magnetic interference, if you know the local longitude, latitude and altitude, you can use various earth magnetic field models to calculate the magnetic inclination and declination after measuring the direction of the geomagnetic field, and then you can calculate the polar north and attitude. Magnetic field sensors are susceptible to interference, but they are simple and not easy to break.

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