The Factors That Led Traffic Lights Can Be Widely Used

For traffic signal intersections, the traffic capacity is closely related to signal timing, road and traffic characteristics. Accurately analyze the traffic conditions at the intersection and find out the most important cause of traffic congestion at the intersection. Correctly plan traffic intersections, organize traffic reasonably, reduce or eliminate conflict points, ensure safe driving, and minimize the possibility of delays at traffic intersections. Thereby improving the capacity of traffic intersections, ensuring normal driving as well as the safety of citizens.

At present, most of them use LED traffic lights. Let's talk about the factors that led traffic lights can be widely used.

1. Excellent Visibility

LED traffic light can maintain good visibility under severe weather conditions (such as continuous light, cloudy, foggy and rainy days). The LED light is monochromatic, so there is no need to change the color.

2. Power Saving

Although traffic lights do not consume a lot of electricity in a day, many signal lights in cities also consume a lot of electricity.

3. Low Heat Energy

It not only has to withstand the cold, but also withstand the heat out of doors. LED traffic lights have no damage caused by the impact of the filament, and there is no problem of broken glass cover.

4. Fast Response

The response speed of LED traffic light bulb is faster than the general response speed, and reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.

In a word, LED is widely used in traffic lights, and the industry is developing rapidly. At the same time, it has been used in transportation. The market prospect of LED traffic light is also very good, which basically replaces the traditional light source. Although the traffic signal products on the market are nearly saturated, due to the environmental protection, energy saving and long life of LED, there is still a large space for LED to be used in the traffic field.

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