The 23rd China Expressway Information Conference and Technical Product Exhibition

On April 22-23, 2021, the 23rd China Expressway Information Conference and Technical Product Exhibition was held in Suzhou International Expo Center. At the invitation of the organizer, Sinowatcher exhibited its self-developed lane control signs, ETC control signs, toll display screens, radar speed plates, fog warning guidance system and other products at Hall G3 S88.

Sinowatcher has been focusing on the development and production of traffic lights, traffic controllers, canopy lights, lane indicators, speed limit feedback screens, fog lamp guidance in expressway, tunnel lights and other products for many years. Based on Shenzhen, Sinowatcher has surpassed its China's counterparts in production capacity and export sales. Across the globe, it is committed to providing quality services for its global customers and has gained reputation and shares in the European and American markets.

The exhibition site has been carefully arranged, and we are looking forward to your visit!

The following are some photos of the exhibition site:






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