The 2021 International Digital Science and Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo

On November 11, 2021, The 2021 International Digital Science and Technology Exhibition & Tiangyi Intelligent Ecological Expo was held in Area B of Guangzhou Canton Fair Pavilion in Guangzhou. The expo was supported by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and hosted by China Telecom,which adopted the experience form of "online + offline", with the theme of "Cloud and Network Integration · Digital and Intelligence Coexistence". showing technological capabilities and innovative achievements in fields such as scientific and technological innovation, cloud and network integration, digital life, Internet and information security, green and low-carbon, and industrial digitalization.

At the invitation of the organizer, our company attended the exhibition as promised, with the booth no 11.2A11. Our company took "keep a foothold in Shenzhen, use international standard as benchmark, serve to world " as business aim, and led domestic counterparts in production capacity and export sales. Our products enjoyed high popularity and and occupied a large share in the European and American markets. Self-deleloped traffic signal controller, traffic lights, smart zebra crossing , high-speed intelligent traffic safety inducer in foggy days, road safety warning auxiliary equipment etc became the highlights of the exhibition, attracting the attention of many customers and company owners and conducting technical discussion and exchange on site.





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  • Anti-glare Board Anti-glare Board
    Anti-glare boards, also known as anti-glare screens or anti dazzle boards are normally installed above the central guardrail/barrier at the middle of roads to protect drivers from glare of oncoming headlights from the opposite traffic.
  • Vehicle Traffic Light Modules Vehicle Traffic Light Modules
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  • In-Ground Traffic Light In-Ground Traffic Light
    There are sectors of the roads that adjoin institutions such as hospitals and schools. Said entities concentrate variable flows of pedestrians, which are reduced in hours and others of great affluence. Considering that the road must have vehicular traffic continuity, Sinowatcher presents an economic and adaptable solution to the situation through on-demand pedestrian crossing controls. Taking advantage of the use of a keypad or pedestrian detector, we will allow vehicles to be stopped only if there is a need for people to cross, otherwise the vehicles will have a constant green step.