Sunflower Solar Warning Lights

Sunflower, as a kind of solar warning light, is widely used in road sections were with hidden dangers, like ramp entrance, school gate, crossroads, turning, etc., to remind drivers to drive safely.

Sinowatcher always keeps continuously researching and developing new items from now and by. Our new sunflower design is taking off new JAPAN imported led chip with high intensity and 30°viewing angle.

This product is with elegant appearance and exquisite interior IP65 structure and consists of 8 red color high-intensity LEDs covered by a yellow plastic lens. The outside housing is made from polypropylene, with yellow front and black back have a better sealing effect especially on solar panel joint part. Back of the sunflower, there is one shaped design for stand pole for installation and we provide additionally 2pcs of stainless steel brackets. 3000mAH/3.2V battery (life span: 3-5 years) ensures it lasts for around 2 weeks after fully charged. And the Monocrystalline 5.5V/0.8W solar panel ensures it efficient and fast charging from sunshine. The curved transparent cover over solar panels is a specific design to avoid dust accumulation. Its flashing frequency is adjustable from 60-90-120 times/minute.

Other solar-powered warning signals

We also provide other products, includes All traffic vehicle signal lights, Countdown timer, Yellow Flashing lights for highwayRed cross and Green Arrow lights for Toll fee Station, and so on. That product Can be customized according to each customer needs (electrical parameters, LED layout, and other)

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