Sinowatcher's 2021 New Year Banquet and 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation Ceremony Ended Successfully


Looking back on 2020, this is an extraordinary year. We faced difficulties and sought progress while steadily created new achievements. Looking forward to 2021, we will carry forward the past and the future, with the heavy responsibility on our shoulders. Thus, we held the 2021 Chinese New Year Banquet and the 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation Ceremony on the evening of February 28, 2021 at the Shenzhen Central Asia Silicon Valley International Conference Center as an end of the year with all the employees of Sinowatcher, some suppliers and a few partners gathering together.


The evening party consisted of five parts, annual work summary VCR, employees' performances, lucky draws, annual outstanding-employee commendation, and appreciation dinner. The evening party was hosted by four colleagues while the partners from various departments with different forms of dance, songs, opuscula, solo performances of classical instruments and other programs. The awards in the form of TV evenings, exciting shows and high-frequency winnings not only brought laughter to everyone, but also made the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. The wonderful party made the atmosphere so warm and enthusiastic.


The party first showed the Sinowatcher's development history in the past year with VCR video, and used a panoramic lens to show the company's improvement of office environment, updates of production equipment, technological research and development progress, the opening of new China's market, and the changes in overseas markets. In 2020, we continued to attach great importance to the team, rely on professionalism to make a living, serve our customers with our heart, and let the strugglers grow. In the face of the sudden COVID-19, we resumed work smoothly on February 10. As a responsible private enterprise, Sinowatcher promised internally that we would overcome the difficulties in 2020, not reduce staff or reduce wages, and gave everyone the salary in January in advance. We also promised that employees who could not return to work in key epidemic areas such as Hubei Province would be paid during the epidemic. Other benefits would also be paid normally. Not only did we carry out these promises, but everyone's year-end bonus was increased to varying degrees.



Dance from employees' children


A song from DIP workshop


Opusculum from the internal trade department


Flute solo from foreign trade department


Dance from Purchasing & PMC department


Chorus from quality & warehouse department 


The chorus song from the foreign trade department

Awarding session


Outstanding Staff Award


Awards for progress star, skill star and service star


 Awards for gold sales and excellent team


Five-year Honesty Award


The party ended successfully with the singing of "Unforgettable Tonight".

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