Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights With Intelligent Control System

With the gradual recovery of infrastructure projects, currently we produced around 1000pcs LED Lightings especially for tunnel.



  • Uniform light distribution

  • High LED efficiency and lifetime

  • Protection level IP66 and IK09

  • Adjustable installation angle

  • More than 5 years warranty 

Meanwhile in order to centralized manage the tunnel, the smart control system is necessary. This system consists of Single lamp controller, Tunnel Data Concentrator, Detection equipment and Cloud Platform.



  • Monitor all the lamps working status

  • Monitor lamps voltage and power

  • Centralized turn on/off lamps

  • Adjust the lamp brightness according to the external environment

  • Adjust the lamp brightness in different sections of tunnel

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

Sinowatcher LED Tunnel Lights

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