Warmly Welcome the Professors and Experts of Guangdong Communication Polytechnic to Sinowatcher for Visit and Exchange

On the morning of April 1, a group of 7 professors and experts from Guangdong Communication Polytechnic visited our company for visit and exchange. The experts went deep into the production workshops and praised our company's patch workshop for professional production, testing equipment, process control, mold development, and employees' salary of production line. Yu Yan, Dean of the Information Institute and Ye Aiping, general manager of the company had in-depth exchanges and discussions on industry-university-research and graduate employment, and both parties reached a strategic cooperation intention.

Guangdong Communication Polytechnic now has 20,000 full-time students and 3 provincial-level technical centers. It is the largest university in South China that focuses on and bases itself on the transportation industry.

Sinowatcher for Visit and Exchange

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