Shenzhen Takes the Lead in Launching Luminous Diversion Line

Diversion lines are an important part of the markings of traffic signs. In some of China's national highways, high-speeds, or under some complicated road conditions, underpasses and overpasses, some white V-shaped or diagonal lines can often be seen. The role is to guide vehicles to drive along the prescribed route to ensure the order of traffic flow. Vehicles are not allowed to get close to or cross the line.

The practice of the Shenzhen Traffic Police Order Organization and the investigation of traffic accidents found that some drivers, especially beginners, often have traffic accidents such as scratches when turning left at large intersections. The main reason is that some drivers with a poor sense of space are at the intersection. There is a serious deviation in the grasp of the left-turn lane, and the frequency of such accidents at night has increased significantly.

After understanding this difficulty and pain point, our company modified a light-emitting active road stud originally provided for European airports through optical design and used it at 6 major intersections on Hongli Road in Shenzhen. Turn left after receiving the signal. After the green light signal, the diversion line is formed by white light, which better solves the problem of insufficient brightness of the diversion line at the intersection at night.

Some project pictures are as follows:




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