Setting of pedestrian crossing signal light control at crossroad

Phase setting:


1. At intersections with direction indicator lights, conflict between motor vehicle signals and pedestrian signals is not allowed.


2. At intersections with direction indicator lights, sufficient clearance time shall be set between the green light phase of pedestrian crossings and the green light phase of conflicting motor vehicles. The emptying time shall be determined according to the spatial scope of the intersection.


3. At intersections without direction indicator lights, the phase setting of pedestrian crossing signal lights shall be consistent with that of motor vehicle signal lights in the same direction.


4. At intersections without direction indicator lights, the green light of crosswalk signal lights can start earlier than that of motor vehicles in the same direction.


5. Red right turn direction indicator light shall be set at the signal control intersection where there are many right turning motor vehicles and pedestrians.



Timing setting:


1. Calculation of total green light duration of pedestrian crossing signal


The total length of green light shall ensure the time required for all pedestrians waiting to cross the street to cross the street safely during red light.


2. Calculation of continuous green light and green flashing time of pedestrian crossing signal light.


The minimum duration of continuous green light shall ensure that pedestrians waiting during red light can enter the crosswalk. The duration of green flashing depends on the specific situation.

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