Save up to 17% of time with Double Green Wave Control.

Puyang , is a growing city in main area of Henan province , in where the traffic jams became a priority issue to solve. In the last few years the peak hours got worse between 18 : 00 to 20:00 hours , so the city council launched a traffic management master plan for the whole city , starting with 230 critical junctions.
This master plan considered , apart from the traditional traffic lights and controllers , an Intelligent Managment Platform which can handle 1000 intersections, traffic cameras with speed detection, variable message displays and Intelligent control modes for the traffic operation.
Sinowatcher cooperated with the traffic equipment and the Intelligent Traffic Platform introducing control modes for regions of the city , focusing specially on the peak hours of some locations of the city center.
After 8 weeks of data collection , processing and analyzing , our engineering team recommended the implementation of Double Green Wave control strategy . This give a remarkable reduction of time in 17% during the rush hours , saving the waiting time and reducing the environmental impact of pollution caused by transportation.

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