Traffic Light Controller

Traffic Light Controller

A new generation of efficient traffic regulation systems has arrived, relying on international operating regulations, high-quality and long-lasting electronic components, self-tunable algorithms, and a robust team of R&D professionals, smart traffic light controllers are presented with satisfaction, which denotes high precision and intelligence by being able to synchronize entire sectors of the city for optimal use of the available roads, as well as to release traffic loads to high-scale sectors.

Modern control systems contemplate the integration of systems such as traffic lights, video surveillance, traffic violations, and the collection of data through sensors strategically located on the roads.

Our platform integrates these systems in addition to being friendly to engineers and specialists, it is adaptable to the conditions of the environment, reducing travel times, queues, and possible events that modify traffic.

Our systems have been installed in more than 100 control centers in Asia, with multiple cities fully operational.

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Traffic Light Controller FAQS

  • Q What is SW-UTC System?

    The SW-UTC system (based on GIS platform) is an Urban Traffic Control system committed to traffic signal optimization based on real-time collected traffic data, thus alleviating the city traffic pressure, saving energy, and improve traffic safety. It's integrated with computer technology, automatic control technology, and network communication technology to achieve intelligent and efficient transportation control.

  • Q What types of traffic signal controller are you providing? What’s their differences?

    We mainly offer 4 types of traffic signal controllers according to different application requirements:

    1) ST-TSC-E100 is a networking, centralized, and coordinated traffic signal controller capable of real-time traffic optimization based on collected traffic data. 

    2) ST-TSC-FXT is a fixed time traffic signal controller with multi-period and manual control functions.

    3) ST-TSC-SWM/ ST-TSC-SWS is a solar-powered wireless traffic signal controller system designed for typical junctions consists of an independent solar system for each direction including traffic signal controller (master/slave), traffic lights, solar charger, solar panel, and battery. It has multi-period working modes, manual stepping control, yellow flashing, etc. functions.

    4)ST-TSC-PC is a traffic signal controller with 4 freely definable signal groups and 4 pedestrian request inputs, designed specifically for pedestrian crossing control application. It’s able for multi-working modes including fixed-time mode, pedestrian request mode, yellow flashing, all red and light off. 

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Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech private enterprise engaged in own development and manufacturing of a wide range of ITS and road safety products as well as LED lighting, including LED traffic signal lights, traffic countdown timers, traffic signal controllers, lane control cross-arrow lights, wireless vehicle detection system, road studs, solar warning lights, LED street lights, LED high bay lights, AIO street lights, etc.

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