Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light

Currently, the lighting systems of urban areas require a constant flow of electrical energy that is financed by each city, but this form of resource management to provide lighting to these large areas is changing according to the new form of self-sustaining energy.

In this regard, Sinowatcher provides a solution for lighting urban areas by capturing solar energy. The lighting lamps have a solar panel to take advantage of this energy, which is stored in a Lithium-Ion battery and is activated by a light-sensitive sensor that detects the lack of lighting.

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Solar LED Street Light FAQS

  • Q Where is the application?

     Sufficient sunlight in the installation road, Highway, Park, etc

  • Q What kind of solar panel?

    We use monocrystalline solar cell panel, also can provide polycrystalline solar panel

  • Q How may days can be use?

    After full charge, at least can be use 7 days in rainy days

  • Q How about the color temperature

    3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 are optional

  • Q How many years the warranty?

    Normally the battery warranty is 3 years, the led lighting is 5 years

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Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech private enterprise engaged in own development and manufacturing of a wide range of ITS and road safety products as well as LED lighting, including LED traffic signal lights, traffic countdown timers, traffic signal controllers, lane control cross-arrow lights, wireless vehicle detection system, road studs, solar warning lights, LED street lights, LED high bay lights, AIO street lights, etc.

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2022 Sinowatcher busy producing in June!
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