LED Yard Light

LED Yard Light

Currently, communities have recreational or meeting places, one of those places are parks. For these cases, good lighting is required in these areas when night falls and also that these installations do not obstruct the vegetation and the ornament.

The Sinowatcher led park lamps are designed for that environment where harmony between efficiency and aesthetics is sought. These lamps are designed to achieve maximum lighting in an area and indirectly in the immediate vicinity, with which a few can be installed between the center of the park and the benches to obtain a fully illuminated environment.

Sinowatcher park lamps meet the quality standards of protection against rain, overloads, dust, and snow. In addition to working within a wide range of voltages supplied by the power grid.

Featured LED Yard Light

  • Y1 Series LED Yard Light Y1 Series LED Yard Light
    High strength aluminum alloy die-casting body. Stalinist glass cover, high light transmittance.Surface dusting process, outdoor protection against strong corrosion, easy to clean.Available with 0-10V /...

LED Yard Light FAQS

  • Q How many watts do you have?

    35W and 50W

  • Q How about the beam angle?

     60°, 90° or 120°

  • Q What kind of shell material?

    Aluminum alloy die-casting

  • Q How about the IP grade?


  • Q Do you have any certification?

    We have CE, RoHs, LM80

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Sinowatcher is dedicated to save energy worldwide and thus save costs by offering a series of energy-saving and efficient LED traffic lights and road saftety products with first-rate quality yet affordable prices. On daily basis we strive to provide high quality products and professional pre- and after sales services for our clients.

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