Fixed-Time Traffic Light Controller

Features and Advantages

  • Various control modes (multi-periods, yellow fiash1ng, manual control)

  • Simulated intersection display for easier programming

  • Simple wiring according to E, S, Wand S

  • Various protection functions including electric leakage protection

  • lightning protection, output short-circuit protection

  • high current shock protection

  • Automatic green conflict detection

  • Built-in central control system to ensure work stability

  • Modular design - easy for maintenance and function extension


Working voltageAC85-265V, 50-60Hz
Signal Outputs44 outputs/ 16 groups
Working Menus32(each menu max 99 steps)
Working Temp-40°C-75°C
Size/ IP Level550*400*950mm / IP54
Insulation Value≥100MΩ
Working Periods2x99(Workday/Weekend)
Max Step Length255s
Time Error±1S

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