Maintenance Tips for Traffic Signals

As we all know, traffic signals play an important role in our lives. They work in the exposed environment. Today, some common knowledge about the maintenance of traffic signals will be introduced, and we hope the tips work.

1. The traffic signals at the intersection are all not on: The causes may be the power failure, burning of the main fuse (caused by short circuit) and burning of the main board (caused by lightning stroke). In this case, it is necessary to power on, replace the fuse, and repair the circuit and mainboard at the same time.

2. The traffic signal on single direction is not on: The causes are mainly the burning of fuse (fuse aging), open circuit (caused by short circuit), the burning of transformer (short circuit or aging), etc. In this case, you should replace the fuse and repair the circuit, repair the circuit and replace the cable, and repair the circuit and replace the transformer.

3. A single traffic signal is not on: the reasons are generally open circuit (short circuit or aging of wire contact), transformer burning (short circuit or aging), etc. Troubleshooting: repair the circuit and replace the wire; repair the circuit and replace the transformer.

4. Signal damage caused by accident: repair what can be repaired and replace what should be replaced according to different damage conditions.

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