Installation Method for Radar Speed Sign

The radar speed sign can detect the speed of the incoming car in real time to remind the driver not to exceed speed and control the speed within a safe range. 

The installation method of the radar speed sign as given below:

1. Fix the solar panel on the bracket, then fix it on the speed sign with screws and nuts, connect the solar panel to the battery in the speed detector sign box with a white wire, and connect the positive and negative wire one by one.

2. Fix the speed detector sign on the left or right side of the road, or directly above the road, so that the radar port is facing the direction of the incoming vehicle, and the inclination angle should not exceed 15 degrees. If it is fixed on the top of the road, the fixed position of the radar should be the inclined lower corner of the radar chamber that is aligned with the position of the incoming vehicle. At the same time, the higher the distance between the radar and the ground, the farther the radar can work. Generally, it is better to keep the radar distance from the ground at 2-7 meters.

3. Open the back cover of the vehicle speed sign, and connect the data cable of the radar and the connection of the control board one by one. Then adjust the radar position so that it is facing the direction of the incoming vehicle.

4. Fix the vehicle speed sign on the upright column with screws after speed sign has passed the top


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