How to Reduce the Conflict Between Motor Vehicles and Non Motor Vehicles?

Conflict analysis

Three common conflict points.

1. Conflict between left turn non motor vehicle traffic flow and directional and opposite straight motor vehicle traffic flow


Conflict point A (Two phase intersection)

2. The conflict between left turning non motor vehicles and the vertical direct motor vehicle flow.


Conflict point B (Four phase intersection)

3. The conflict between left turn non motor vehicle flow and opposite straight-line non motor vehicle.


Conflict point C


Optimization idea 1: Change left turn to straight line, set twice crossing the street for non motor vehicle left turn.

Advantages: Completely eliminate conflicts A, B, C.

Disadvantages: It increases the delay time of non motor vehicles at intersections.

Note: Guidance measures should be taken at intersections.


Roadside Waiting Area

Optimization idea 2: Dividing left turn lanes for non motor vehicles.

At a four phase intersection, the non motorized lane is divided into two lanes: Straight lane and left turn lane. Follow the traffic lights of motor vehicles to release. The following is the phase diagram of release.



Advantages: Completely separate conflict A, B, C.

Disadvantages: Single phase design, difficult to achieve flexible control.

PS: If you want to realize the flexible control of phase, you can install the non motor vehicle signal lights in the non motor vehicle lane for independent control!

Note: The space at the entrance of the intersection should be large enough to ensure that the width of the motorway in the waiting area is at least 2.75m and that of the non motorway is 1.5m.

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