Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of the Traffic LED Light

The traffic led light plays a vital role in the daily operation of traffic in urban areas. If the traffic led light breaks down, it will affect work, transportation and so on, causing drivers' bad mood and lowered work efficiency, and even posing threats on their lives and causing tragedies. Therefore, the maintenance of the traffic led light is very important.

1. All the traffic led lights are not on at the intersection

The main reasons for the problem are power failure, the burnout of the chief fuse (caused by short circuit) and the burnout of the main plate (lightning strike). In this case, measures including sending electricity, replacing the fuse while overhauling circuit and the main plate should be taken. Single traffic led light is not on: The main reasons are open circuit, short circuit or the aging of wire contacts and the burnout of the transformer (short circuit or aging), etc. In this case, the circuit should be overhauled and the wires and transformer replaced.

2. Bad traffic led light in one direction

The main causes are generally the burnout of the fuse (fuse aging), open circuit (caused by short circuit) and the burnout of the transformer (short circuit or aging), etc. In this case, it is necessary to replace the fuse, cable and transformer while overhauling the circuit.

3. The accident-caused damage to the signal light

According to the situation of damage, measures such as overhaul and replacement can be taken. If the traffic led light breaks down due to environmental factors or human factors, foregoing tips can be taken into account.

We must frequently maintain the traffic led light to increase its service life, so as to avoid traffic jams and other situations.

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