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Control of right turn signal "light off"

Right-turn signal lights are not required at all intersections, and are usually affected by three factors: lane function, traffic flow, and slow-moving cross-street flow.

Right-turn signal lights are set at intersections, and the traffic rules for right-turn vehicles are to stop at the red light and turn off the light to pass.

  1.  It is affected by the distribution of lane functions. When a straight lane is set on the right side of the right-turn lane, the right-turning vehicle will not be controlled by the signal light and will conflict with the straight-going vehicle. In this case, a right-turn signal light needs to be added.


2. Affected by right-turn traffic flow. When the right-turn traffic flow is large, continuous traffic will cause the downstream section to be unable to accommodate, and right-turn signal lights need to be added at this time.


3. Affected by slow traffic crossing the street. When there is a large amount of slow-moving traffic such as pedestrians and non-motor vehicles at the intersection,

and the conflict between right-turning vehicles and slow-moving traffic is serious, it is necessary to add right-turn signal lights.


Traffic lights are "off" at different times


1. Left-turn signal light at intersection "off" control


Depending on the traffic flow at the intersection, the traffic light control strategy also changes. In some urban intersections during peak traffic hours, vehicles that need to go straight and turn left separately need to turn on the left-turn signal light; in

low-peak hours, night and other periods of low traffic flow, vehicles going straight and left-turning can be mixed. , you need to turn off the left turn signal.

Passing rules in different states: When the left-turn signal light is normally on, the


left-turn vehicle will pass according to the status indicated by the left-turn arrow light; when the left-turn signal light is off, the left-turn vehicle will pass according to the full screen light.

2. Reverse variable signal light "light off" control

According to the different traffic flow at the intersection, in the peak period of traffic flow, it is necessary to use the reverse variable lane to improve the traffic capacity. At this time, the reverse variable signal light is turned on. In the case of turning signal lights (cancelling the left turn signal phase), the reverse variable signal control mode does not have the enabling conditions, and considering safety factors such as insufficient lighting at night, the reverse variable signal lights and guardrail openings are closed.

Traffic rules in different states: When the reverse variable signal light is normally on, left-turning vehicles can use the variable lane to pass according to the state indicated by the reverse variable signal light; when the reverse variable signal light is off,

left-turning vehicles are prohibited from using the reverse variable lane to pass. How to go with different signal light combinations?

In the past, traffic lights were arrow lights with left, straight and right separate indications. After the implementation of this specification, it was changed to the new national standard combination of motor vehicle signal lights (full screen lights) + direction indicating lights (arrow lights).

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