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With assisting clients to finish over 400 projects of urban road-safety infrastructure spanning 60 countries and regions for 6 years, We has accumulated a wealth of large projects’ experience, and trained a group of professional high-quality staff.

We can not just have the capability of offering an wide range of traffic-related products, but also providing  an efficient , affordable&environmentally acceptable solution for sustainable traffic requirements comprising computing, sensing and communication technologies.

Generally, three ways of traffic management (Isolated, Arterial&Area Control) are accordingly applied in different urban traffic condition. Isolated control can meet the basic need on an simple urban junction and the cost is much less than the other two. However, with the development and popularity of vehicles, the urban traffic management need to be smarter and more 3-dimensional. So, arterial control and area control is becoming a trend.


 Fixed-time control

Multi-period fixed-time control

Off-line green wave coordinated control

Off-line green wave

and red wave control

 Actuated control

 Isolated actuated control

(based on logic)

 Actuated arterial coordinated control

 Sub-region coordinated control

 Control in congestion

 Multi-level control

 Self-adaptive control

 Isolated self-adaptive control (based on model)

Based on the above ,  Here has several models of controllers integrated with multi-function modules(GPS, VIP priority .etc)

Model No.: STA-TSC-E200L-AC2             Type: Fixted Time Traffic Signal Controller

E200 is a multi-period fixed timing networking signal controller. It's stable and reliable with modular harware design and embedded with Linux operating system... More>>

Model No.: STA-TSC-E100-AC1            Type: Centralized Traffic Signal Controller

E100 is a centralizable traffic controller equiped with an ARM main control chip and embeded with Linux operating system and multi algorithmic models of different signal control modes. Benefits from modular hardware design. It's easy to maintain and extend its functions... More>>

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