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ST-PTS-24DC1-A&ST-PTS-M11DC1-1 are solar powered portable traffic signal trolley set with traffic signals, signal controller, solar panel, battery, solar charger on trolleys. It's an ideal solution applied for road junctions emergency or temporary use.

Solution #1:Integrated portable traffic light | product page

The ST-PTS-24DC-A is controller by a 24 outputs signal controller with advanced technology like high performance CPU, LCD display, wireless manual control, etc.


  • Efficient power supply solution & manual/auto dimming function

  • Built-in 24-outputs fixed time traffic signal controller - visual operation with LCD screen

  • Portable design - easy to transport and setup


Solución #2: Distribuido portatil de señales de tráfico

The ST-PTS-M11DC1-A uses advance GFSK 490MHz communication to phase and monitor signals in different directions to avoid confilicts or failures. Both models offer multiple options to provide safe and efficient traffic control for a variety of short-term applications.


  • Flexible y rápido despliegue con cada dirección y cada semáforo portátil.

  • 600~1.5km wireless communication distance between each signal

  • Multi signal control modes.

  • Adopting user-friendly wireless hand-held device setting and operation.


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