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Traffic signal controller

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System SW-UTC2010 Overview

system absorbs the advantages of Australian system (SCATS) and British system (SCOOT) in the aspects such as controlling model and strategy, system working mode and controlling mode, etc. The core control algorithm of the system not only absorbs the flexibility of selective configuration of SCATS system scheme, but also learns from the advantages of the real-time prediction and optimization of SCOOT system, which can make a good balance between automatic optimization of the system and experience configuration of traffic engineer, and can better meet the characteristics of Chinese mixed traffic and traffic control requirements of public security traffic administration department.


System Structure

The software technology of the system is the advanced software development technology with the most advanced networked, distributed, object-oriented and component software and others. The system has the very high maintainability and system reconstruction characteristics, and the system can conduct flexible configuration and reconstruction according to the different control scales and operation platforms.

Operation platform diagram

System Function

1. System cooperative control

System function - software

* Fixed timing control (green wave match control on main road)

* Self-adapt (optimizing) control

* Cable-free cooperative control

* Bus priority control

* Variable lane control

* Particular scene control





2.     Manual intervention

Individual intersection, yellow flashing, lights off,all-red lights control

Security green wave control

Simulation maunal

Software platform snapshot

Simulation manual

3. Database maintenance of road network

Area road network relation database is the fundamental data for carrying out cooperative and optimized control.

4. Maintenance of characteristic parameters

Generate and edit control parameters like phase, program and period of time, etc.; download, upload, print and emulate to operate.

     Intersection diagram - settings interface

5.    System monitoring and control

Display of running parameters of intersection

Fault status of equipment of intersection

Traffic load display of road network

Traffic load display of subarea

Release figure display of intersection

Time span display

Original data display of detector


report an analysis interface

6. Journal record and analysis

It records fault and state of running software and harSWare, and analyze system efficiency and performance. When system running out of way, it could assist locating source of error.

7. Traffic flow statistics and analysis

The    center software makes record, statistics, inquiry and analysis for detecting data.

       8.System users’ accounts management

       According to different priority levels of clients, the system display different operation surface and make different system operation.

       9.Database backup

       Automatically backup critical data from the database, and manually reserved all the database.

      System Features

     Run-time environment is WINDOWS operating system, with fully distributed network environment, easy installation, convenient usage and maintenance, and great expansibility.

     The setting of system operation mode and control mode is suitable for the complex characteristics of mixed traffic in our country, and automatic optimization control and          flexible means of intervention bring the system great practicability.

     The system adopts the advanced object-oriented and modular software development technology, and has flexible system structure and higher portability.

     The system has transparent interface, and great secondary development ability.

     The system has strong macroscopic and microscopic traffic statistics and report printing function.

     The centralized log management of the system is convenient for fault location and benefit analysis.

     The system and all front-end equipment are of intellectual property rights, and have higher performance-price ratio.

     The system supports serial port, cable network, 3G wireless network, etc.

     The system supports coil, video, microwave, terrestrial magnetism and other testing equipment, and can share with the electronic police.

System Specifications



Maximum intersections in each area

64 intersections

Maximum subareas in area

64 subareas

Maximum areas

64 areas

Maximum intersections

64*64=4096 intersections

System time deviation

<3 second

System network delay

<1 second

Traffic flow and journal storage time

10 years














 SW-TSC2010C brief introduction

 SW-TSC2010C central coordinated signal control machine is the structure simplification version of SW-TSC2010, simplifying functions not commonly used and improving the cost  performance. The product adopts the embedded harSWare and CAN bus structure, stable and reliable, and easy to expand. It has the largest 48-way lamp driving output, and has  many intelligent control functions such as single-point induction, single-point optimization, cable-free green wave drive-by-wire, pedestrian request button, tactical  changes and others, so it is very suitable for the particular traffic condition and traffic management mode in our country. It complies with GB25280-2010 - A level.


  Controller Functions

1.centralized system controltraffic signal controller

2.cable-free drive by wire

3.self-adapting control

4.individual intersection induction

5.multi-period control

6.manual control, wireless remote control

7.yellow flashing control

8.lights off control

9.full red lights center control

10.pedestrian crossing control

11.request scheme control

12.special scene control such as rain and so on

13.supporting the learning countdown timer, impulse real-time countdown timer and communication countdown timer

14.supporting data share with electronic police, compatible with coils, video, terrestrial magnetism and other multiple detectors

15.Time setting between GPS and Beidou Satellite Position System

16.Support touch screen expansion

Technical Specifications

  1. Comply with GB 25280-2010 A Level
  2. Input AC power consumption ≤ 50W(not include signal lamp)
  3. Output driver of each signal lamp ≥ 400W
  4. Working temperature: -20℃~70℃
  5. Power supply: AC 110~264V,50Hz±2Hz
  6. Parameters




Lamp driving output



Detection lane

32 pieces


Logical sets of lamp

32 sets


Signal phases

32 pieces


Induction phases

16 pieces

Induced phase

Phase sequences

24 pieces

10 phases/sequences

Timing plans

24 pieces


Special days

30 days


Ordinary time period

24 pieces


Cycle time period

24 pieces


Special time period

24 pieces


Pedestrian buttons

4 sets


Flow record storage

40 days


Central communication interface

2 RS232, 1 network


Detector input

4-way RS485 communication


Communication countdown output

4-way RS485 communication

Extensible configuration





























Fault Detection

1.Coil fault detection

2.Green conflict, red light fault detection and simultaneous light-on fault detection of traffic light

3.Communication fault detection

4.Fault detection and takeover for Main control board (also called hot standby)

5.Fault detection of all signal lights

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