Solar-powered Flashing Beacon System


For increasing driver awareness and improve the visibility of important warning signage at mid-block, intersection to reduce crash between vehicles and pedestrians, we offer an complete solution with flashing beacon.

wireless solar powered yellow flashing light

  • The whole flasher system including operation software, GPRS DTU, 433MHz wireless data transceiver and 300mm high flux yellow flashing light.
  • Command Center can send signal instruction to GPRS DTU through GPRS channel, then GPRS DTU will transfer signal data to 433Mhz Wireless Data Transceiver, which then send signal data to flashing light. Through the software, we can achieve all the flasher working time setting(night only/full day), working mode setting(on/off/alternative/synchronized/wave modes), corresponding frequencies and working speed setting, groups setting.
  • There is ID/Channel switch setting in each flasher wireless communication module, trhough which we can set max 16 flashers in one group.(If client doesn’t set the the switch, all lights only working in synchronized mode).
  • Communication distance of 433MHz Wireless Data Transceiver is nearly 2km, It shall be installed in high poles(≥3.5km) in open area.
  • 433MHz WDT are under cascade network architecture. 433MHz WDT and flasher are under star-based network architecture.
  • All devices are solar powered.