Mysterious Colors, RYG Signals In Fog And Haze


According to the USA website “boredpanda” reported, a simple idea can cause an amazing results. Such as the photos about traffic lights in fog and haze, which was took by Lucas Zimmermann. It’s a classic example.

RYG traffic signal in heavy fog and haze

Since 2013, Lucas started to take the traffic lights in fog and haze, “The way for the ray of RYG spreading in haze attracts me, the subtle changes in hue seems fog in your eyes.”

Traffic lights in Fog

These magical sight was usually captured at night on a fog, vacant intersection. Lucas Zimmermann would create the pictures through 5~20s long exposures. As above, all the colours and the lights melt together.

red traffic light on in fog and haze

Green&red lights on in heavy haze weather