Children's Day and Road Safety


As an epidemic accident, traffic deaths are happening at every moment, killing over 12million people each year. These tragedies are expected to multiply as the number of vehicles grows rapidly and urbanization accelerates. According to estimation , traffic crashes will kill more pedestrians than other high-mortality diseases(HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis,  malaria).

Among road users, children are the most vulnerable without safety consciousness. Every day. more than 500 children are killed in traffic collision averagely. tens of thousands are injuired, suffering lifelong disabilities. If in holidays(such as Children's Day),  the casualties will increase. Unless we take it seriously, The tragedy never stop.

To address this problem, we should improve traffic safety education .

  • Observation

Before cross, kids should observe which kind of method they can use to cross. Overpass&Underpass come first.

If no such constructions ,  Zebra crossings and policeman are alternatives. When going through zebra crossings, Children should look around to ensure their safety.

Tips: the subsequence of inspection must follow the local traffic regulation.

  • Traffic Knowledge

Traffic signals play an important role in traffic safety.

Due to there are only red and green color in pedestrian light, Children just need to know the implication of these two color. So we can use different signs to make them know how to distinguish the color.