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We have implemented strict QC procedures at all stages of our production in order to provide high-quality products which can fully function even in harsh environments. By testing all incoming raw material we make sure our products are able to meet our 3 years quality guarantee.


Strict Quality Control for Incoming Material

We test all the components we receive from our suppliers –electronic, rubber, metal, plastic – just to name few –power circuit boards, polycarbonate lenses and housing, rubberseal rigs, brackets, cords, terminals, etc.

Light-emitting-diodes are tested for its intensity, wavelength,color uniformity, lifespan, viewing angle

Hardware parts such as screws, nuts, gaskets, buckles,brackets, metallic gasket, metal card buckles, and many more undergo intensive salt spray test lasting for 96 hours to ensure all of the hardware materials could withstand harsh working environment

We have implemented strict policies for quality control in order to provide high quality products which are able to operate even in rigorous climate conditions

Below you can see our testing machines – Fast Spectrometer, LED Luminous Intensity Distribution Tester,Electrical Parameters Tester, Fog Tester and Temperature/Humidity Tester


Operational Test for All Our Products

Running test runs in two modes of operation – constant and flashing

First, it undergoes 24 hours of flashing mode and then it switches into 48 hours of constantly emitting light mode. The purpose of this is 
to simulate real working environment and ensure all our products will be fully operational.

Our team inspects all modules according to the schedule making sure  there are no ‘dead’ LEDs, delays, color 
change or any other abnormalities.

We also carry out an alternating operational mode test for power supply units.

On top of that, our quality control team performs vibration test while light  modules undergo operational test. This test addresses  the situation, when traffic lights have to fully operate even in extremely 
windy environment. 

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